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At Lake Highlands, we have a tradition of excellence that spans generations. We see this each day in our multitude of classes. We enjoy the opportunity to teach over 350 students at the High School and about 600 students in our community overall.

With so many great students, we have to split them up into many groups. We have classes for students who are just finding their voices, some that travel and sing for judges and contests, and a few that take a full song and dance show on the road!

Our first major event of the year will be our LH Area Fall Concert. Choirs from all of our area campuses will gather to showcase the great work we're kicking of the year with. Come hear talent from 7th grade through LH Seniors as we start the year strong!

Oct. 24 @ 7 PM

LHHS Auditorium


LHHS Choirs

A cappella                           Espree

A cappella Prep                  Treble Chorale

CenterStage                         Varsity Tenor Bass

Tenor Bass                           Varsity Treble

Concert Treble

FMJH Choirs

Bel Canto                           Sound Express

Chorale                              Tenor Bass

Concert Treble

For more more information, visit: 


Private Voice Lessons

All of our campuses have wonderful voice teachers available for 1-on-1 coaching. These lessons are weekly throughout the school year and provide students with personalized coaching for their specific vocal goals. For more information, please contact your student's choir director.

LHHS Pop Groups


If you are interested in having Espree perform at your church, civic, or school event, please email or call:

                      Kari Gilbertson @ (469) 593-1061


If you are interested in having CenterStage perform at your church, civic, or school event, please email or call:

                       Kelly Moss @ (469) 593-1351

LHJH Choirs

Bel Canto                           Limited Edition

Chorale                              Tenor Bass

Concert Treble

For more information, visit:



Calling all LHHS Alumni! Join Acappella for an afternoon of great music before the big game. The Choir Room will be in full spirits and send you to The Boneyard ready for a win!

Oct. 14 @ 4:30

Singing @ 4:30 PM in the LHHS Choir Room followed by light refreshments.


Market in the Meadow

Each year, the talents of Lake Highlands, TX gather to support Forest Meadow Junior High at Market in the Meadow. Join Espree and other area groups as we entertain the masses this one of a kind craft fair.

Mark your calendars for next school year due to construction!

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